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gio's job
[ brand communication ]

About me

I’m Giorgia Cannizzaro (but everybody calls me Gio) and my Job is to 

  • define the essence of your product and to name what can not be told in words

  • read between the lines 

  • and to not only communicate to your audience but listen to it first.


Before building my own company "gio’s job“ I finished  my Bachelor in Mediamanagement in Würzburg and my Master in Marketing and Market research in Valencia. Soon I started working at the Hamburger Fern Hochschule as an assistant professor in the subjects "Principles of Marketing" and "Business management".   

I speak German, Italian, English and Spanish fluently and that is why my passion for languages, cultures and communication enables me to approach international colleagues and customers with ease. 


Organization, teamwork, creativity and empathy are not only my work skills, but also belong to my character strengths. 

I am enthusiastic about practical projects and the challenge of constantly developing new innovative ideas and trends so …

... let me present you my work philosophy:

What is
Brand Communication?

And why is it so important?

Whether you want your brand to be informing, inspiring, surprising or enriching you have to communicate it! 

And every time a (potential) customer gets in touch with your product, your brand communicates automatically. The perception can happen directly, indirectly, actively, passively… the important thing is that the transmission has to be made consciously. That is why your brand communication needs to be carefully planned and supervised by an expert brandcommunicator


Why? A well organized and mindful designed brand communication helps to position your company effectively on the market and in your audience minds which can lead to customer loyalty and sales growth

And this is where my Job starts:


The components of brand communication: 

Brand comunication




What makes you special?

Good brand communication does not only take place outside with customers and stakeholders. It begins inside your company. 

Before you start any sort of external communication, it is crucial to know what your company represents and as a result what you want to say. 

What are your values, what makes your brand unique, what are its strengths, what can you offer that the rest cannot?


My job, together with you, is to define and name your unique selling propositions (USP) and communicate it firstly within your company and secondly to your audience. 




What are your goals and
how can you get there?

Notoriety, credibility, loyalty - The best strategy to reach your goals

A good brand communication strategy bases on what you want to say (message), to whom (audience), how (channels) and what you want to achieve with it (goal).

My job is to set SMART aims, understand your target group and create the right message and present it on the appropriate channels. 


Corporate Identity



Your Business - Your identity

Finally it is time to express your values and brand identity visually. Every element of your brand should be presented aesthetically, consistently, and correctly in order to make it memorable and different from all the rest.

Your brand is your identity,

it is how the world will perceive you. 

Brand Communication

The result

Combining all three components the result is a custom made brand communication for your business.

Let's start and create a memorable brand communication!

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